Reasons To Implement An Automated Storage And Retrieval System In Your Facility

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are engineered systems that exist to transport materials within an industrial facility. They allow for materials to be moved more efficiently, reduce the workload on your staff, and also allow for materials to be moved more safely. If you believe that your industrial facility is not efficient enough, it's important to consult with material handling solutions about whether you should install an engineered system.   

Fully Automate Your Material Handling System 

An engineered system is usually automated and an AS/RS is one example of this. Materials are stored on shelves, racks, and aisles. They are retrieved using a shuttle system so that materials can be retrieved on demand.

The retrieval of materials can be handled manually or can be automated through software that is very extendable. These forms of software are usually called warehouse management systems or warehouse control systems.

Replenish Supplies

The use of materials in your industrial facility can be tracked by the software. That way, if you are short on supplies, new materials can be ordered automatically so your facility will not experience any downtime. 

Streamline Your Workflow

Workers are still involved with an AS/RS system, but the worker does not physically move to the location where the materials will be retrieved. Instead, the shuttle brings the materials and the workers retrieve the materials that they need. The shuttle can then be sent to a different location to retrieve more materials.

Handle Buffering More Efficiently

It's much easier to manage buffer storage with an AS/RS system. Normally, you would have to account for the fact that different processes take different amounts of time. If equipment is in the wrong place at the wrong time, you might experience a slowdown in a particular zone and your facility will be less efficient. 

AS/RS systems can solve this problem in a way that older conveyor systems cannot by only retrieving materials when they are necessary. Inventory can be stored exactly where it can be needed so it will be retrieved as quickly as possible.

Get Products to Customers On Time

Customers expect to receive shipments more quickly and expect products to always be available. When you do not have an efficient and automated system, you will not have a competitive advantage over companies that are able to fulfill orders in a shorter period of time. Therefore, it's essential that you implement the best material handling solutions available to you.

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