Why Should You Consider Using Aluminum On Your Next Project?

From household appliances and consumer electronics to building construction, automotive, aircraft, spacecraft, and shipbuilding, aluminum is one of the most widely used materials in metal fabrication and has many applications in the industrial world. 

The widespread use of aluminum in metal fabrication can be attributed to the many impressive qualities it has. Here are a few great reasons to consider products made with aluminum for your next project.

Aluminum Is Lightweight

Weighing only one-third of the weight of steel but with a greater strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is one of the lightest materials available for metal fabrication purposes. This property makes it an excellent choice for projects that may require the strength of steel without as much weight.

Aluminum Is Ductile

Aluminum is a soft material that can be stretched into the desired shapes without cracking or breaking. This is critical in applications that require significant elongation of metal products. 

For example, aluminum foil is highly effective at keeping food properly wrapped up because it is designed to remain in that form without being fracturing.

Aluminum Is A Good Thermal And Electrical Conductor

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, thus, it is an excellent choice for applications that require high thermal conductivity — for example, heat sinks and ammonia heat exchangers.

While aluminum is not the best conductor of electricity, it can carry and transmit electricity at a decent rate. It is usually used as an alternative to copper in applications where there's a need to reduce the weight of electricity wires.

Aluminum Is Corrosion Resistant

It's no secret that corrosion is an archenemy of many metal components. In applications where there is a need to prevent corrosion of metal products or structures, aluminum is favored due to its high corrosion resistance. 

When exposed to air, aluminum readily reacts with oxygen to form an oxide layer that helps protect the substrate metal from corrosion-causing elements. This quality makes aluminum a durable choice for many metal fabrication projects.

Aluminum Is Shiny

The shiny, silvery-white appearance of pure aluminum makes it an excellent reflector of light. Solar panels are a good example of metal products that take advantage of aluminum's shiny look.

Although aluminum isn't the strongest metal material available out there, it's certainly stronger than many other metal materials. That said, it has many great qualities that lend themselves to use in metal fabrication. To discuss your aluminum fabrication project with a professional, contact an aluminum supplier near you.