Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment consists of a line of reach-in units, multiuse models, and compact units. If you currently place raw and cooked food products in the same refrigeration unit, you may want to consider adding more equipment to your kitchen that will allow you to separate the storage of goods.

Food Borne Illnesses And Contamination

Cooling food too slowly or leaving cooked products at room temperature for a moderate amount of time may prompt bacteria growth. Shop for a commercial refrigeration unit that features dual temperature setups. This type of refrigerator will contain separate storage areas.

Meats, seafood, dairy, and poultry should be rapidly cooled since these products pose a considerable threat when left in confines that are too warm. If you have access to a refrigerator that contains dual compartments and separate thermostats, you can store meat and dairy products in one of the storage chambers and raw vegetables and fruits in the other one.

Cross-contamination can occur if cooked meats are placed next to raw products. Keep this in mind when shopping for a refrigerator. The volume of food that you serve and the number of leftovers that you incur on a daily basis will help you select equipment that will allow you to separate the number of products that you have onsite.

Multiuse Or Compact Models

A multiuse refrigerator may contain an upper prep area. A stainless steel or butcher block countertop that is attached to a refrigerated storage chamber can be used to prepare fresh products that will need to temporarily be refrigerated. This type of unit will allow you to keep products that will be used during a dinner shift separated from other ingredients that are not going to be needed right away.

A multiuse refrigerator may contain caster wheels or an anchored base. This type of refrigerator can be set up in between work areas or in the central part of your kitchen. Shop for a unit that contains deep storage areas that are well-lit.

A compact refrigerator is suitable for use in confined areas. If you often have a surplus of fresh ingredients on hand and have been overfilling the refrigerator that is currently on the premises, purchase one or two small units that can be used to store extra ingredients. These types of units can be set up independently or placed underneath a countertop. Choose compact units that contain sliding or fully-opening doors.

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