A Brief Guide To Your Warehouse's Overhead Door

You may not give the overhead door on your dock much thought until something goes wrong with them, and this would be a mistake. You should have plans in place to help ensure they stay in good working order and that any problems that come up are caught and dealt with quickly. The information here will help you to gain a better understanding of some of the problems that can come from neglecting the overhead doors and educate you on some signs of problems that you will want to watch for. 

Reasons why overhead door neglect is something you want to avoid:

Difficulty maintaining temperature and climate - If there is damage to the overhead door, then this can cause a lot of unwanted air from outside to continuously come inside. When it does, it can significantly change not only the inside temperature, but also the humidity. Depending on what it is that you are housing in the warehouse, this is something that can be extremely problematic for those items because it can cause spoilage and other problems. It can also end up significantly increasing your heating and cooling expenses while your HVAC system runs on overdrive trying to achieve the right temperature. 

Pest problems - You want to be able to seal up your warehouse as tightly as you can to avoid ending up with rodents and other pests that can be a problem in many ways. When you have damage to the overhead door, this can cause there to be spaces and gaps large enough that rodents and insects can come right inside. Once they are in, they can easily cause a full-blown infestation. 

Improper functioning - You want to know the overhead door will open and close like it is designed to. If there are issues, then you might have a hard time getting it to go up and down which can make for work issues and problems meeting deadlines. 

Hazardous conditions - A huge reason for making sure the overhead door stays in good working shape is because you won't want it to become a potential hazard where it may end up coming down at the wrong time and seriously injuring people. 

Signs there might be issues with the overhead door that should be tended to:

Visual differences - A lot of times you will see that there is something going on with the door. It may look crooked or you see gaps that weren't there before. 

Problems with movement - If the overhead door starts to go up and down rougher than it normally does, or it seems like it is 'sticky', then you want to have it looked at because this lets you know something is different with the way it is operating. 

Noises - If you begin to hear new noises when the overhead door is going up or down, then you want to make sure it is properly lubricated and have it looked at to make sure it is fine.