Tips For Air Compressor Installation

If you've made the decision that it's time to install an air compressor in your facility, there are some things that you need to think about. Making sure that you get a compressor that's a good fit for your building and will work well in the space where you want it installed means some careful preparation. Here are a few things to consider as you start shopping for and planning an air compressor installation.

Know Where You Have Access To Power

Before you can choose a compressor, you need to make sure that you know where your power access is. The type of power outlets you have access to will dictate what type of compressor you can buy.

Take some time to walk through your facility and find the spaces where you could install the compressor. Consider the access to power outlets in each area and create a list of the spaces that have sufficient power access as well as what type of outlets you have access to in those areas.

You may even want to talk to an electrician before you make any decisions because your building may need to have a new power circuit installed to support the electrical demand of the compressor. You may also need to have another outlet run for your compressor to reach the work area where you need it.

Verify The Space You Have

Another thing that many people forget to do before they schedule their air compressor installation is to verify the space that they have on the property. You need to measure your doorways as well as the area where you plan to install the compressor.

Make sure you choose a compressor that is within these dimensions, otherwise, the unit may either not fit in the door or may not fit where you plan to install it. It's better to measure before you choose the model you'll have installed so that you can be sure that it will fit.

Check For Adequate Air Flow

You might think that the airflow in the space is no big deal, but for your air compressor, it is significant. You need to be sure that you have sufficient clean air in the area where you'll install it. Don't install it in a room with a wood saw or grinder nearby, for example. 

Make sure that you have sufficient ventilation in the room with a system that's filtered and running at all times. Without enough airflow, your compressor will become starved for air, won't put out the pressure you need, and may even burn up the compressor motor.