What You Need To Know About Pallet Racks And Beam Capacity

No warehouse is complete without a system designed to store pallets. Excess inventory is loaded onto pallets in preparation for shipment to retail locations. Keeping these pallets safe and organized is critical to the success of your company.

The most important thing that you can do when investing in a new pallet racking system is to ensure that the structure is capable of supporting the weight of your inventory. Beam capacity can be a determining factor in the strength and stability of a new pallet rack.

Beam Capacity Quotes

You should be able to obtain a beam capacity quote for any pallet racking system that you are considering. The manufacturer will provide this information for new systems, and you should request that the seller give you a certified quote if you are looking into purchasing a used pallet racking system.

It's important that you know how to read the quote so that you can purchase the right racking system. Beam capacity quotes are designed to tell you the maximum amount of weight that a pair of beams can support. If you keep in mind that the quote applies to a pair of beams instead of a singular beam, you can find the right racking system for your warehouse.

Calculating Load Capacity

In order to better understand how beam capacity can be used to find the right pallet storage system, you need to know how the capacity is calculated. Each beam capacity quote is based on the uniform distribution of weight.

This means that you can expect a beam to hold up to the quoted weight as long as your pallets are distributed evenly along the connecting shelves. Anytime that a point distribution (where weight is concentrated in one area) occurs, the beam capacity will be reduced.

Increasing Load Capacity

It is possible to increase the load capacity of the beams in a pallet racking system. The use of wire decks, pallet support bars, and beam ties can help to reduce deflection. Deflection is the slight bend that becomes visible in a beam when weight is applied.

By reducing deflection, the strength of the beam increases. Make sure that you factor in the use of any decking or supports that you plan to pair with your beams when you are trying to calculate the amount of weight a racking system can support.

Rely on beam capacity to help you find a safe and reliable racking system for your warehouse.