Mast Climbing Scaffolding: An Introduction

When you are in the construction industry, you will be exposed to a full range of tools and equipment that are used to complete a wide array of processes and projects, and scaffolding is definitely one of those things. Scaffolding is often thought to be a one-type piece of equipment, but there are actually numerous types of scaffolding out there that are designed specifically for different purposes. Mast climbing scaffold is one of those types, and it does have a specific purpose. Here is a short introduction to mast climbing scaffolding so you can get more familiar with the equipment. 

What exactly is mast climbing scaffolding?

Mast climbing scaffolding is one of the lesser common types of scaffolding you will see being used in construction processes, but it is highly valuable just the same and is becoming more of a common fixture in some construction areas. The setup consists of two masts along either side of a platform that is capable of being hoisted up to new levels as needed along the masts. Mast climbing scaffolding climbs by a mechanical or power-driven motor. Mast climbing scaffolding can also climb a single mast instead of two, in which case the mast is situated right at the center of the scaffolding platform. 

What are the advantages of mast climbing scaffolding?

Mast climbing scaffolding definitely has its advantages in a construction setting. For one, the scaffolding can be set up in a way that is much broader than typical scaffolding, which means it works out well on projects that involve wide building faces. Of course, the scaffolding can also be raised or lowered as needed to accommodate the work taking place, and it does so in a secure manner, unlike swinging or suspended scaffolding which is not all that stable. Because the scaffolding is set up on fixed climbing masts, it can also support heavier weights than suspended scaffolding. 

What projects does mast climbing scaffolding cater to the best?

There are a handful of certain projects that do require mast climbing scaffolding. For example, if a rather wide and tall building is getting a facelift with new masonry installed, mast climbing scaffolding may be used. Because this scaffolding has the ability to be set up in a wide-set fashion and can support heavy amounts of weight, it makes it possible for contractors to haul heavy masonry materials on the scaffolding itself and climb as new rows are installed. 

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