Rubber, Metal, Or Plastic: The Three Common Types Of Grommets And The Uses Of Each Type

Grommets are used in many applications. Whether making a pair of shoes or attaching sails to a boat, grommets can be found almost anywhere you look. Grommets were developed in order to protect hole openings, to make them stronger, and to allow materials to pass easily through a hole without getting snagged. Grommets are commonly made of rubber, metal, or plastic, and each type of grommet has a variety of uses. Rubber grommets are the most versatile, and are generally the easiest to use, while those made of metal tend to be stronger. Plastic grommets are often made of recycled materials, making plastic grommets more earth-friendly.

Weather Resistance and Grommet Choice

Metal grommets are the least used grommets when it comes to the elements. When you want outdoor electrical wiring or heavy machines protected, using metal grommets is not the best choice because they can corrode and rust. Rubber grommets are the most flexible and offer the most protection when used outdoors. While plastic grommets will work, they are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

Using Grommets In High Heat Applications

When using grommets for an industrial application, such as with heavy machinery, rubber grommets are the most heat resistant. Metal grommets are going to conduct heat, making them a poor choice when trying to protect workers within the factory. Plastic grommets are going to melt in high-heat situations and will quickly become useless. Rubber grommets are the most effective grommet to use whenever heat is a factor.

The Durability of the Products Created with Grommets

Metal and plastic grommets are very sturdy, but if you need to pass a string or rope through the grommet, rubber is the best choice. Even the smallest snags can cause problems with the integrity of the product, and both metal and plastic grommets can have tiny, sharp edges within.

Rubber grommets are the easiest types to install because they don't have to be screwed into place. They only need to put into one side, making it easier to use a grommet in a specific application. When you can't reach the other side of hole that needs a grommet, rubber is your only choice. Rubber grommets are also the fastest type of grommet to install,.which is great if you need to install a large number of them. While all three types of grommets are effective, rubber grommets are the most versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.