Safety Equipment For Welders: Three Essential Pieces Of Gear You Need While On The Job

Safety is a concern for anyone who welds for a living, so making sure you have the appropriate personal protection equipment will help to keep you safe on the job. Here are just a few things you should consider investing in for your career in welding.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

Fire-resistant clothing is designed to resist igniting due to sparks from your welding equipment. Your pants should be free from cuffs where sparks can land undetected, and pockets on shirts should have flaps for the same reason. Shirts should be long-sleeved to keep your arms protected while you work. If you will be working outdoors, consider a flame-resistant jacket with covered pockets. Be sure to select pants that cover your ankles and the top of your shoes or boots for added protection. You can also choose coveralls that provide whole-body coverage

Insulated Foot And Hand Protection

When welding, there is both a chance for burns and electric shock. Wearing insulated hand and foot protection will defend against both of these types of injuries. Footwear should have a rubber sole to prevent electric shock and steel toes to prevent against injuries from falling metal objects or tools. Gloves should be insulated for electric shock prevention and burn resistance. You'll want to choose long gloves with edges that cover your shirt sleeves to provide added reinforcement and eliminate places where sparks might fly into your clothing and onto your skin.

Face And Eye Protection

Face and eye protection is critical for welders. Welding helmets have built-in visors that shield your eyes from intense light while preventing sparks from coming into contact with your skin. The rest of the helmet provides reinforced protection for from falling objects, intense heat and chemical burns. You can choose a helmet that covers your ears, or you can wear a separate set of ear phones to keep your ears from injuries. Respirators can be attached to your helmet to keep you safe from fumes and other respiratory hazards. You can also choose auto-darkening welding goggles for smaller welding jobs where you won't be exposed to chemicals or slag.

Having your own personal protection equipment can help you to be sure that you have the right gear to keep you safe while on the job. Before you invest in goggles, gloves or fire-resistant clothing, speak to your supervisor to see if any of these items can be provided for you. You can also contact companies like Oil & Gas Safety Supply for more information and apparel options.