Have A Well And No Water? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons Why

When you use a well to supply water to your house, you may always expect water to keep flowing. If the water stops, you may not know what's happening and want to call a professional for help. However, before you call, use the following information to help you determine whether you are having one of the problems below.

Your Well is Too Shallow

If you want your pump to function properly, you must always make sure that it lies underneath the water. If not, you'll discover that it starts pumping air, which means you will have no water in your home.

The reason this happens is that the well itself is too shallow or that the well pump is not deep enough inside your well. You might be able to solve this problem by digging your well a bit deeper to make sure the pump is constantly submerged.

Not Enough Power in the Pump

You could be experiencing water problems because the well pump you have is not powerful or big enough to pump water throughout your house. You may have to go pick up a more powerful pump at a store and enlist the help of a professional to install it.

If this is the problem you are having, it could be directly related to changes you've made lately. For example, if you have added a new bathroom or irrigation system, that could mean you have higher water needs. If people have moved in with you, your water needs will be higher too. A stronger pump should fix the problem.

Cracked Well Pump

When it gets very cold and no water is coming out of the faucets, you may immediately think that your pipes have become frozen. However, it might be that you have a well pump problem. Your pump should be full of water, and if the water inside the pump freezes, it will expand. As a result, the frozen water, now ice, will cause the pump itself to crack and stop working.

To avoid this, make every effort to keep the air near your well warm. One way to do this is to have a well house built around the pump. You can also have a ceramic heater with thermostat control nearby to ensure the air stays warm. If your pump is cracked anyway, you need to replace it.

Caved-In Well Walls

One more reason you may have no water flowing into your house is that the walls of your well have caved in. This can be caused by excessive pressure exerted on the well walls by the surrounding soil, which may cause the walls to crack. Over time, cracks deepen and get bigger, eventually allowing soil and rocks to infiltrate your well housing. That can stop the pump from working properly and you are unlikely to get much water inside your home.

If you do have a cave-in, you'll need to clean out the space. Then you'll have to rebuild the walls and have them reinforced. You might also move the well somewhere else on your property so you don't have to repeat that.

Now that you know some of the reasons you might have no water, it's worth exploring whether the problem is one of those laid out in this article. Get in touch with a reputable well drilling company in the area that can help you make any repairs right away. For more information, go to site.