Got A New Warehouse Job? The 3 Types Of Pallet Movers You Need To Know About

If you just got a job working in a warehouse, dairy, farm or shipyard, there is a good chance that you are going to have to work with or be around pallet trucks. Pallet movers are used by many companies and owners in the industries listed above to help with transporting goods. Here are the three most common types of pallet moving machines that you may encounter.

Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered pallet trucks are called a wide variety of different names. You may hear this type of pallet truck referred to as an electrical pallet jack, a power pallet truck, a pallet jack or even a walkie.

These types of pallet moving machines require a user to use a throttle in order to move the device forward or backwards. In order to move the device, you have to turn the handle in the direction that you want to go. These type of pallet trucks often have a cab area for the driver to sit in, much like an excavator does. They can also be very loud, so don't be surprised if the operator cannot hear you.

Walk Behind Trucks

The name for these types of pallet movers provides a very literal description. These types of pallet movers require you to walk behind them in order to move the load. There may be a hydraulic system in place in order to move the mechanism holding the pallets up or down; however, you are providing most of the power behind the pallets. It is up to the person walking behind the pallet to guide it in the right direction.

Scissor Pallet Movers

These types of pallet movers typically are used to move material on and off trucks or to move pallets from one shelf to another. They are pretty basic looking; they have two prongs that move up and down with a jack and two legs to keep them in place.

This type of pallet mover requires you to insert the prongs to move the pallets into the correct location and use the jack to move the pallets up and down. It looks kind of like a giant pair of scissors; hence the name. They can be stationary or mobile.

If you just got a job in an industry that uses pallets, become familiar with the different pallets that your employer uses. Remember, these pallet movers are serious heavy equipment. You should not jump behind one or offer to use one until you have been properly trained. You should also give anyone operating a pallet mover plenty of room; these are not the most responsive machines, so the responsibility of looking out for your safety when you are around them falls on you.

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