Preparing For A Septic Tank

Installing a septic tank can be a great solution for providing heavy-duty and affordable plumbing. Here are some steps to take to install a septic tank in your home. 

Create Space

The septic tank will take up more space than just the physical tank. You will also need to have a clear area for the drain field, since you should not have plants or heavy objects on the ground above your tank. If you have a swimming pool or other heavy item in your backyard, you might need to clear an area for the drain field to be installed. If you have plants in the area of the drain field, you can get a professional landscape company to remove the roots and replant your garden in another space.

Uninstall Your Garbage Disposal

It is possible to use your garbage disposal with a septic tank, but doing so might cause it to overflow more quickly. Many septic tank owners choose to stop using their garbage disposals when they get a septic tank. You have the option of physically removing the garbage disposal so that you can get rid of the sharp disposal parts in your sink. You could also choose to simply disable the power to your disposal so that it doesn't get used on accident. 

Choose a Septic Tank Service

There are a few factors that will help you choose a great septic tank service. First, a good service company should help you set up the tank but also be on call to maintain it. There are routine services that you need in order to keep your septic tank running, and your maintenance company should help you keep the tank pumped and cleaned. A good company will also be on call to deal with septic tank emergencies, as a septic tank overflow could be hazardous. 

Plan a Maintenance Schedule

Once your septic tank is installed, work with a professional company, like Southern Sanitary Systems Inc, to schedule checkups on a regular basis. Your tank may need to be pumped every few months or once a year, depending on the volume of the tank and the amount of water that you use. However, if you notice anything unusual about your tank or suspect that it will start to leak, know that your septic tank service will be available to check on your tank ahead of its maintenance schedule. If your tank is installed correctly, it should be fairy simple to maintain with a professional's help.