Boiler Not Working Right? See If One Of These Things Is To Blame

Boilers are a crucial component of your business. You depend on them to provide you with heat during the cooler months. Not only are boiler problems more of an inconvenience for you and your business, but they can end up being quite a pain. While some problems can be addressed on your own, others require the help of a licensed professional. Check out some of the common boiler problems and what might be the cause of them to determine what steps you need to take for your system.

Your unit isn't producing hot water or heat.

Oftentimes, units that aren't producing hot water or heat are because of an airlock that is broken, water levels that are too low for the unit to function or a valve that isn't working properly. While some things might be simple to fix, such as adding more water to the unit, others require a licensed professional to come out and take care of the unit for you.

The pilot light went out.

If the pilot light isn't working, it might be that you are dealing with a thermocouple, a draft is blowing the light out or there are a bunch of mineral deposits within the tank. In the event you have a bunch of buildup inside of the tank, you might have to get a temporary boiler put in until you are able to purchase another one. While some degree of buildup can be eliminated by cleaning, that isn't always the case. Some units are too far corroded and have to be replaced.

Broken thermocouples can easily be replaced by a professional and enable you to keep using your current unit. The best thing to do is let a professional examine the unit to determine just where the root of the problem lies.

Your boiler is dripping or leaking.

There are a number of different things that can cause your boiler to start leaking water all over the floor. The first thing that needs to be done is to identify where the leak is to determine what the extent of the damage is. Depending on the results, you might be able to have the unit repaired or you might be forced to replace it with a different one.

Whatever the underlying problem with your unit is, rest assured that there is always a solution to help you along the way. With a temporary boiler rental, you can be back up and running in no time at all.