3 Reasons Why Bronze Seals Are the Best Option for Industrial Applications

In any industrial setting, having the right seals is important. Without them, you could have to deal with machine malfunction, leaks, and a host of other issues. Although seals are important, however, they don't cost much and are easy to purchase and install. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take your time in choosing the right ones for the job. There are actually plenty of seals out there that are commonly used for industrial applications, including plastic and aluminum seals. However, there is one option that you might not have considered yet -- bronze seals. These are a few reasons why many find them to be superior to other options when being used for industrial purposes.

1. More Resistant to Corrosion

No matter how well you care for your machinery and equipment in your industrial setting, corrosion is still an issue to be concerned about. Moisture,  and wear and tear can cause your seals to corrode, which can cause machine failure if you aren't careful. However, bronze is more resistant to corrosion than many other metals, so this isn't something you'll have to worry about too much if you opt for bronze seals.

2. Can Withstand High Temperatures

Depending on the field that you are involved in, there's a chance that your seals are subjected to high temperatures on a regular basis, such as from steam. Therefore, you have to choose a type of seal that can handle these high temperatures. Many metals will start to soften or melt when the temperatures are too high, and plastic seals can crack or melt in high temperatures as well. Bronze seals can withstand high temperatures and are less likely to sustain damage in these conditions.

3. Can Be Welded

In most cases, bronze seals can be welded. This means that you can more easily shape and form them as needed, and you can make repairs without having to worry about replacement. If you are looking for seals that can be manipulated to suit your needs and that can be repaired easily and affordably, bronze can be a number one choice.

As you can see, bronze seals are a favorite in many manufacturing plants and other industrial businesses for a reason. In fact, these are only three of many reasons why bronze seals might be the best choice for your place of business, so consider this option next time that you are looking to replace the seals within your industrial setting. For more information on bronze seals, talk to a professional like Phoenix Specialty.