3 Reasons You Will Need Steel Services During Fallout Shelter Construction

It has been said that if war does not stop, it will be the end of mankind eventually. Whether you believe this sentiment to the fullest extent, you likely have considered building your own fallout shelter for protection against bombs or nuclear attacks, if indeed they do take place. Building your own underground shelter will take a little more than just familiarity with simple construction and access to average lumber and building materials.

One of the most valuable companies you can have within reach when you are building your shelter will be steel services. There are three reasons why you will need to pay a few visits to a steel fabricator in your area during shelter construction.

Reinforced Steel Walls are Crucial

In a fallout shelter, you may be tempted to pour concrete walls or install masonry as the outlying wall surround, which is fine. However, you should also have steel sheeting behind the stone to create a waterproof barrier. If rainwater is contaminated with radioactive particles, when it seeps into the ground, it could also make its way into your shelter. It is best to start constructing the walls with a steel encasement first, which can even be welded into one large cubicle piece and delivered by steel services to your property.

Steel Poles Will Be Required for Roof Construction

The most common way to build a fallout shelter involves digging a large trench beneath the ground and the installing a roof overhead that will support several feet of dirt. This involves laying steel poles or beams over the opening of your shelter when the lower level is complete. The steel poles should be spaced closely and covered with a thick canvas material that will prevent dirt and materials from falling through. By working with a steel fabricator, you can get steel poles and beams cut to fit the dimensions of your shelter's roof opening.

Not Just Any Door Will Do

The door that you install on your finished fallout shelter when all is said and done will be your final line of defense in the event of a catastrophe. Wood will do nothing to stop radiation waves from spreading into your shelter and most metal doors are not designed for this type of scenario. Furthermore, the casings for these doors are not usually designed to be completely airtight. A steel service can work with you to create an access door made with thick steel and lead encasement that will be capable of protecting your shelter.

As you work to plan the design and layout of your fallout shelter, make sure you keep steel services in mind and the building materials they can supply you with through the process. Building the most efficient shelter is all about having the top-notch materials.